Monday, 1 August 2005

Man's Man

WEC had it's first official men's convention this weekend. Man's Man Camp was totally awesome, very blokey and a lot of fun.

Teaching was from Jim Wallace, ex SAS commander and now the head of the Christian Lobby. He was an excellent speaker, using many real life examples to illistrate how men should walk the Christian life.

Apart from the teaching, most of our time was spent in the WEC clubhouse with our pool, foosball, and ping pong tables, our extensive amount of chocolate milk and big screen to watch all the footy that was on.

We also had a few hardcore exercises, like a 2.8k bushwalk carrying a guy on a stretcher and hot potato with a burning toilet roll.

(note there are no photos, as all we were allowed to wear all weekend was a pair of short shorts, a chesty bonds and double pluggers - not a good look)...
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