Friday, 2 October 2009


27 years old and yesterday was the first time I've ever seen snow!

Andy took his mum and I up to Grouse Mountain, just north of Vancouver. It was a fantastic spot, with a fun climb up the mountain in a Cable Car and then to get to the peak we had to take one of the ski field chairlifts (which I must admit got me a bit tense, that height and such a little bar holding me in). But once up the top we were able to experience Grouse's first snow for the season which had fallen the night before. It was icy and melting, but hey IT WAS SNOW.

The rest of the day was fun too - with Grouse Mountain putting on a Lumberjack Show and seeing some amazing views of Vancouver before heading back down and revisiting Stanley Park (and dodging the attacking Raccoons!)

Hmmm and photos don't seem to be uploading, but there are heap on Facebook if you're over that way!
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