Sunday, 26 March 2006

A New Year Begins

Well the year hasn't really begun, until the new season of the V8 Supercars starts. So even though I know this blog seems to be turning into a rev-head blog, the Adelaide 500 is a weekend I've been waiting for for some time.

And even better, good old Craig Lowndes won the first race, and he sure looks good to win today's race as well. But the whole field looks so good. New colours, new sponsors and new drivers has really made the whole V8 series look and feel so fresh for 2006.

So bring it on, can't wait for the Qld events so I can see em in person. And GO FORD!!!!!!

Saturday, 25 March 2006

Soccer Continues

Well we had another game today, played another division 2 team, and only went down 1:0. So another good result, our team is developing, working on our fitness and getting ready for the begining of the real season just after Easter.

For those of you who know Ben Zambra, our WA friend came so close to scoring in the first half, he cleared the goalie and smacked the dead centre of the goal post, very unlucky.

For the upcoming season, I've been placed into the 5th Division team, so am looking forward to the challenge of playing up a division this year, and I get to play on the same team as my brother, and Ben.

Thursday, 9 March 2006

What a Morning

Well here's something you don't expect while sitting stuck in traffic on Ipswich Road. This morning just before I left home I SMSed in my code for the new Pepsi "Rock, Paper, Scissors" competition, I sort of did it as an afterthought just before I walked out the door.

Well anyway; I received an SMS while I was stuck in traffic telling me I'd won the half hour competition, so I now have the choice of $500, 2 iPod Nanos or a Nokia 3250 phone as my prize! I already have an iPod, and my current mobile phone is dieing a painful and frustrating death so I'm pretty happy to get a brand new mobile, especially one as good and with so much stuff as the 3250!

Nokia 3250 Information

I love my Mountain Dew, and my addiction has finally paid off, I hardly ever enter these competitions, but with my phone dieing I thought I may as well have a go cause I need the new phone. Now I'm sure glad I did :-)

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Bending It...

Ok so maybe linking this post to David Beckham is pushing it a bit, but I had my first game of soccer for the year last Saturday.

Lucky for us it's just the pre-season, meaning the games is only 20 minute halves (making the entire game shorter than one half of a real game), but it's a good way to build yourself up to the start of the season.

Anyway; after only one training session we were all still pretty rusty, and we were playing a Division 1 team. Amazingly we were able to keep the game 0-0, which means we didn't score, but it also means we didn't let them either - GO WHITEHILL!

After the rain we've had the field was pretty soggy, and some full back decided to perform a perfectly executed slide tackle on me so I ended up with mud all over me.

However I really enjoyed the game, felt pretty good at the end of it, and am looking forward to the coming season.

Oh and one more thing I learnt creating this post, if you type in Beckham and do an image search on Google, there are not many pictures of him actually playing soccer!

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