Friday, 27 January 2006

Kick it into Gear

Here's my new baby. I've been riding pretty regularly for the last 3 months. I had a mate help me get my old bike in order, and now that I've gotten myself into a routine I thought I might upgrade my ride.

It's amazing how good equipment can make things easier. This bike makes riding so much easier, and I've been able to extend the length of my rides, not because I'm fitter, just because the bike doesn't resist as much as my old one use to.

So yeah, I thought by maybe posting it up here I could get some accountability into keeping up with the exercise. I'm enjoying the riding, and getting out with Dad and Brett some afternoons as well. And with the soccer season starting again soon, I'd really like to raise my level of fitness before then.

Oh yeah, note the personal sponsor on the water bottle....

Friday, 20 January 2006

Finding Animals

A couple of weeks ago, my mother brought home a stray pup. She'd been at a school function and the security people had said this little jack-russel terrier had been hanging around all day. Mum said he looked pretty stressed and put out so she told him to hop in her car and brought him home.

It wasn't a big deal, he was an obedient little thing, and though our dog (Wilson - a cattle dog) was a little put out by having a visitor in his domain, Jack spent the night on the back porch. The next day we had a friend at the council look up 'Jack's' registration number and contact his owner, who was delighted to find her lost puppy.

Funny enough the name we'd come to call him 'Jack', was his real name (original hey!?). So a happy ending for all involved.

TONIGHT...... Dad and I are sitting watching Layton play in the Aussie Open and I hear a 'meow' at the door. Sure enough the tiniest little kitten is sitting at the door. Now a jack-russel was easy enough, just stick him out the back with Wilson, but if I took this little thing out there Wilson would just think I was serving him a late supper!

We are not cat people! Dad's hated cats since he was a kid, and that's sort of rubbed off on all of us. I've never really had time for cats at all, if it hadn't been such a tiny kitten I would have roused on the thing and kicked it off my front porch (not literally kicked, before any of you call the RSPCA).

Anyhow, I brought the little thing in, gave it some milk, and mum cracked open a tin of sardines, he/she/it is now trapped under a washing basket in the lounge room, we decided putting it in a cardboard box and taping it shut was a little cruel, so we used the washing basket and put a couple of pavers on top to stop any escape tricks. What we're going to do with it tomorrow is a mystery as it has no registration collar. We definitely are not cat people, and tonight with meows, scratches, and general 'cat behaviour' has reminded me why, no matter how cute the little thing is!

Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Online Forums

I've been involved with online forums for years. First off with the 96.5 Forum (Brisbane Christian Radio Station), and I was able to meet many of the members in 'real life' and felt part of an amazing little community.

After some issues the forum was shut down, and most of us moved onto the Gold Coasts Christian Radio Forum, or the 107.3 Life Forum. Again I've been able to meet people in the real world, and make some awesome friends.

But over the last few months I've noticed how much bickering, complaining, backstabbing, putting down, slander and jealousy there is on these forums. I wonder if because it is a 'faceless' means of communication we think we can be more upfront and direct in the way we speak to each other.

Unfortunatly I found myself responding to some of these attitudes in kind, and suddenly noticed that I didn't like the way I spent my time on the forum, and the way it made me feel.

So I stopped posting. I still read the forum, and many time's I'd like to fire away a reply, but I've been able to restrain myself. I haven't posted in over 3 weeks, and I'm feeling a lot better about myself, my attitude and my Godly witness.

I'd like to contribute again, but I don't think it will be in the act of replying to posts, but mainly posting encouraging and thoughtful topics and ideas for other people to think about.

As a bit of a disclaimer, I don't think the attitudes on the forum are the fault of 107.3, it's a fantastically set up forum, and having met one of the moderators, she was able to give me an insight into how they make sure the forum stays in line. I have a lot of respect for the moderators and they do a great job. And the ministry at 107.3 in broadcasting to the Gold Coast is awesome and something I'm totally behind.

Check them out.

Tuesday, 17 January 2006


I had last week off. I decided that I'd love to have a holiday over my birthday (last Tuesday), and thought I'd head down to Cresent Head in NSW with Mum and Dad for the week.

We stayed in a caravan right on the beach, and had a great time. I really didn't get up to much, was able to sit in the caravan most of the time, or walked on the beach. I had time to get stuck into a new model, a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Also my mother's aunty owns a beach house up on the hill and her and her daughter's family we there at the same time. So I was able to catch up with Kylie's 3 kids, Lauchlan, Georgia and Jacksan. They're awesome kids, and we had loads of fun playing on the beach, making sand castles, carrying buckets of water and playing catch in the creek.

I'm sure my mother got some photos, so I'll post some up later on.

My birthday was nice, we went into Port Maquarrie and had an excellent seafood lunch by the river.

Thursday, 5 January 2006

Left Behind

I've just finished reading the whole Left Behind series again. I must say I enjoyed the first few a lot, and slowly found them less and less challenging and following the 'Biblical line' and more of a fictional tall story.

That is until the last book, The Glorious Appearing. I really enjoyed their depiction of Jesus' return, and the final judgments. I'm not totally sure on their theology but the descriptive writing is fantastic,

Just wondering who else has read the books, and your thoughts on them.

Monday, 2 January 2006

Keep her in your thoughts

Hey just thought I'd ask you all to keep a good friend of mine in your prayers. Her name in Wendy and for the last 6 months she's been working as a music teacher in an International school in India.

I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with her last night at a new years party, she's home for a couple of weeks visiting family. It sounds like an awesome time, but there must be many challenges to face.

After experiencing missional life myself I love encouraging other's who are doing it as well. So keep Wendy in your prayers as she continues to teach.

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