Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The best ministry starts small.

Over the last couple of weeks I've had many different discussions with many different people about starting ministries, or wanting to be involved in ministries at our church.  First off that is hugely exciting, because it really shows the life in my church, and that the Holy Spirit is actively involved in the lives of people in the church.

And the thing I am realising, that even in what can be defined as a 'large' church (not by American mega church standards, but at least the biggest church I have been involved with), the best way to begin a ministry is small and simple.

We have a lot of resources as a bigger church, and we have some very big and successful ministries already established.  That can lend itself to thinking we need to start anything new big and well structured... or that people who want to get involved in ministry need to do so in some formal and well defined way.

However again I say, I believe thinking small, but intentional is still the key to starting a good ministry.

For example I encouraged someone this week not to think about formalising a specific mentoring interaction to start something they felt God calling them to do, but to instead subtly, yet intentionally start investing in the person God has laid on their heart.  Instead of going and asking if they can be their mentor and start discipleship catchups with them, they are simply going to intentionally engage that person in conversation every Sunday and build relationship over time. I am confident if they are committed to doing this then a discipleship relationship will naturally develop... and be healthier for its organic beginning.

The key to ministry is relationship, not programs. If we start with programs it can be really hard to develop proper relationships... but if we start with building relationships from the outset then those relationships can define what kind of programs we put in place to facilitate them... and the ministry may grow to be very large - but it will be much healthier because it started small.
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