Friday, 30 April 2010

April Round Up

Well one post in April here probably leads people to think I've either given up this website or I've just been really busy. I must admit that with Facebook these days sometimes this blog feels a bit redundant - so what I had planned to do was divert my personal thinking and study on different things happening at Bible College to here.

The main issue with that is though I spent most of my time thinking about and studying the Bible and Church these days, by the time I've completed my college assessment my brain is too mushy to develop some further thought for here.

Maybe over the next few weeks I will copy and paste some segments of different assignments up here for discussion - I've written on some pretty interesting topics this semester like post-modern theology and the New Perspective of Paul. I've felt pretty hammer in having to tackle some pretty in depth areas of study, and with only 3 weeks of lectures to go the stress of exams is looming as well.

Church work at City North is pushing forward full throttle as well, being an intern has taken up many hours of my weeks, teaching R.E at Wavell High, running youth groups, Bible studies and young adults events, leading services and communion times as well as spending lots of time around the office learning from the other 3 pastors here.

Include into that some motorsports chaplaincy work and I've been run off my feet in April. It all ends this weekend with the V8 Supercars here in Qld for the Ipswich 300 - I'm not officially a chaplain (thanks to V8 Supercars changing their passes) but I will be out there ready to help out if any major incidents occur.

Friday, 2 April 2010

This Easter...

An objective truth is one that happens outside of your own experience. Whether you believe it or not it's true. Jesus dieing on the cross is one of those truths - so this Easter, whether you accept Jesus or not - we ARE celebrating the fact that Jesus came, died for OUR sins and rose again. No matter who you are you can turn to that truth, and I guarantee you'll be set free by it

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