Sunday, 24 February 2008

Adelaide Motorsports Issues

You've probably seen it on the news, these accidents get a lot of media attention these days.

Ashleigh Cooper crashed his Holden Commodore in yesterdays Fujitsu Development Series race in Adelaide.

I heard from Garry Coleman last night, things don't look to bright. Ashleigh had extensive swelling on his brain and doctors could not relieve it. This morning it's been reported he is on life support, with his wife flying in from NSW and his parents already by his bed side.

Be in prayer for Ashleigh, and his recovery (a certain miracle is he does) and for his family. Also pray for Garry and all the other track chaplains at Adelaide today as they continue to minister to officials and team members who will be affected by this accident.

Channel 7 actually telecast a segment today where all the V8 Supercar drivers and teams lined pit straight while Garry Coleman came out and prayed for Ashleigh. Praise God for the work of chaplains amongst this close knit community.

Also watching the telecast this morning there was another big crash in the V8 Utes race. Three drivers are in hospital under observation, they are all conscious and aware at this time.

Garry and his team will also be speaking with these men and their teams and families as well. Motorsports Chaplains really are a integral part of the racing community these days.

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