Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Final Days in Stanthorpe

Saturday was mostly a rest day/do your own thing day. However as a team we decided to go on a bush walk in Girraween National Park. As a team we set off to the Granite Arch (a natural rock collect - quite impressive) and then a smaller group of us decided to climb the Pyramid Rock, and an even smaller number actually made it to the top. It was an insane climb, quite difficult and scary in some places.

We were walking up a steep rock face, no ropes no hand holds, just making your own way to the top. At one point I found myself alone, and on an exposed cliff face, only 10 meters of sloped rock between me and the edge. That part was quite frightening.

The sense of accomplishment when I
reached the top though was unreal! I'd been having knee problems all week, wearing a brace and had been in a considerable amount of pain, so to reach the top of that grueling climb was a pretty decent achievement. As you can see from the photos, it was spectacular up there!

On the way home from Girraween we stopped at a little chocolate shop (Heavenly Chocolate) and though chocolate is chocolate and I wasn't too interested in the range of bars and candy, they did have pure hot chocolate drinks available. I ordered a white chocolate and hazel nut drink and it was absolutely divine! Ben had a chocolate and chilly drink which had a very interesting flavour.

Saturday night we had a BBQ and bonfire with the youth of the church. It was a night of good food, good people, good games and a great devotion from Luke.

Sunday I was up early to pack everything up at my billets home - thanks so much to Nev and Fay for providing a 5 star home for us during the week, their hospitality would rate 5 star as well! - and then make it into the church by 8am for music practise.

The service went really well. I was encouraged at the Stanthorpe Baptist congregations acceptance of a slightly different music and service style and still join with us in worshipping God. Ryan preached a great message on "Why do we worship?" and all in all it was a good time of fellowship and praise.

After that it was time to have some lunch with the church before jumping in our cars and heading home. What a fantastic week, that I wished could have gone on!

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