Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Went into the centre of Vancouver yesterday. Figuring out the public transit system was pretty easy (it's much better than Brisbane's) and Mum and I made our way into town via the Sky Train before walking round the dock area and then catching a bus up to Stanley Park.

That park is huge! We walked quite a bit of it, right up to the top where there was a lookout overlooking the shipping lanes entering the bay. We went to Beaver Lake, but saw no beavers and then made our way back through the gardens - seeing quite a few squirrels, which were pretty cute.

We then caught the bus back to Gastown, the older more traditional part of town which has a lot of those touristy type shops and was very nice to walk through.

Today Mum, Ness, Nathanael and I went to 'Metrotown', a giant Mall (probably twice the size of Chermside). I'm not one for shopping but it was interesting witnessing a very different culture of shops, clothes, food and sporting apparel.

I'm still feeling pretty darn crook. Seems all this sickness has allowed my sinuses to become infected. So feeling pretty rotten most of the time, but making the most of it anyway.

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