Sunday, 10 January 2010

Becoming Lethargic

I've been on holidays since November when I had my final exam for the year. I still have two or three weeks of holidays left but I feel more that ready to get back into my routine of college, study and work.

I find I feel most comfortable when in a routine, and without one I become lazy and uncommitted to pretty much everything. During the holidays I have kept up my one day a week at City North, and that's been fantastic just to know that for at least one day I can go and do something productive, yet I feel a lot of my summer holidays have been lazed away.

I'm not complaining about my numerous trips to the beach or coffee catch ups, but I've found that I've watched much more TV during this time that I would usually, and I think it's just been so long that I've had my break and am ready to get back into things.

Do you find that you can have 'too much' time off??

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Carol Van Atta, Princess Warrior said...

Totally can end up being lazy under similar circumstances. I tend to be slightly free spirited, and needed goals and direction. God bless you.

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