Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Yesterday I turned 29

I'm now 29.  I don't have a family, no wife, kids, or even a girlfriend.  I have been single for years and have not had nearly a hint of a relationship in most of that time.  I don't own a house, a boat, a motorbike or a fast car - I do have a late model car but it is just your everyday run-around type of machine. I don't even have a full time job.  I live with two other guys (in a small 2 bedroom rental), neither of which have full time jobs, I live on a meager amount of money and have no great leisure items to speak of.

As far as the Western world would look at the above outline of my life, it would class me as a looser and a failure.

Luckily I can rest on the fact that I am right where God wants me.  I'll admit that at times I see what the world would see and I long for some of the things the world would expect me to have by this age.  Even some church-folk would judge me on my position in life - I know in Mark Driscoll's view I would not meet his 'definition' of a Godly man as I am not married and living with those responsibilities.  Being a Bible College student might save me there, but I still feel that even people at church might think my life is not really the life a 29 year old should be living.

I still stand on the fact I am walking God's path.  Hopefully he brings some of those things along in time, but as hard as it is not to fit in, I feel I can take strength from living in God's will.

I had some deep thoughts on my birthday yesterday...


Anonymous said...

First of all .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday.

I remember 29. It seems like a long time ago now.

My wife and I met when I was 28. We got married later that year when I was 29. I wasn't really expecting to find the love of my life and be married all within a year.

I suppose we never know what God has just around the corner for us. I trust that he has some amazing days ahead for you, whatever form they may take.

Gracie said...

Isn't it comforting to know that the only judgement which should really matter to us isn't up to people on earth who think about the material - but rather it is up to God to determine whether or not we've 'failed.' And when you're serving God wholeheartedly, failure just isn't possible!

Gareth Williams said...

At 29 I quit my full time job, started at Subi Church of Christ two days a week and started Bible College.
I got married when I was 34. Had my son at 37.
Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have gotten married etc earlier, but all I know is I believe I'm where God would have me right now.

Anyway sorry to preach.

And Mark Driscoll can kiss my ...

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