Saturday, 21 May 2011

It's the end of the world...

So all the hype about the cult which claims that the Bible guarantees that May 21st 2011 will consist of the Rapture and Judgement Day has really been seen in all facets of the media, and social media - both Christian and non-Christian friends on Facebook (in Australia, UK, USA and other parts of the world) are all commenting on the advertising that's been propagating our suburbs with the news that a giant worldwide earthquake is coming as a precedent to the return of Jesus.

And I'm sure just as much media hype will remain on the 22nd May when we're all still here and nothing happened.

It's sad that this brings such a bad image on the Bible and the church, just because some nutter wants some attention.  And though a lot of Christians are making jokes today (myself included) I also realise - and others need to as well - that the rapture and return of Christ is actually a very real thing!

Though probably not today - as the only thing the Bible guarantees about the second coming is that NOBODY will know the time - Jesus will return to earth.  It will be something no one will miss for every eye will see him coming, and it will also usher in the Throne Judgement of Christ where people will be dealt their final, eternal position.

So even though it feels like a joke today, ask yourself - what would happen if Jesus really did come back?  Would you be able to stand in front of him?  Or would you tremble and fall as you realised your life has been spitting in his face the entire time?

See I've realised that I basically spat in Jesus' face over and over - but he offers forgiveness through faith, and it's that faith that means on the day he returns I will be filled with joy, and will stand before him in humble reverence waiting for my eternity with him.

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Anonymous said...

while it is true no man knows the day or time.There are other signs that preempt His coming that have yet to manifest themselves.

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