Friday, 11 January 2013

Is there such thing as tolerance?

It's unfair.  

Simple as that... the way the world treats Christians is unfair. In a western world so bent on the idea of free speech and tolerance the venomous attacks that keep coming towards the Christian view point is simply unfair.   It seems tolerance only goes as far as what the worlds thinks should be ok now, there's no room for the tolerance of someone's Christian beliefs (which have been standing for a much longer period of time).  It seems everyone, except the Christian, has the right to free speech.

It's strange, other more legalistic religions can put insanely strict regulations on the treatment of women, homosexuals, animals, money, politics and a whole range of things and it is seen as 'cultural' or their religious right.  Yet as soon as someone from the Christian Church says one tiny thing, they are jumped on as bigoted, hateful and irresponsibly unenlightened individuals.

Louie Giglio is the perfect example of this today - after having to refuse the invitation of the President of the USA to pray at his inauguration because of a sermon he preached 15-20 years ago.

I wonder if it is because the western world still loosely defines itself as 'christian' - so they feel whatever they believe should be a 'christian' belief.  As true, faithful, Holy Spirit filled Christians we need to continue to stand up for the true faith and the truth of the Gospel... even though we know we'll be treated unfairly.  But a break from this mindset that America and Australian culture is christian is needed... the secular world has no place taking that title - and should have respect for the beliefs of those who do.

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