Friday, 19 April 2013

Big Stories; Bigger Truth

This Sunday evening we start a new sermon series at dBay Baptist that will run throughout the second term. There are stories in the Bible which many of us have heard from the youngest of ages. Maybe we first heard the stories on our father's knee, or at the dinner table, or maybe in Sunday School or a kids camp. For others they may be stories you heard even though you didn't grow up in the Church—maybe it was a movie reference, mentioned in a book, or talked about in school...

Either way these stories, though well known, can be taken for granted - or even misinterpreted. The idea of this series is to look at the idea of Biblical Theology, this term is used to explain the continuing theme of God and his Gospel which is constant throughout all of Scripture. We are going to look at how each of these ‘big stories’ impacts on our knowledge of the ‘bigger truth’ of Jesus' Gospel and his plan for our lives.

God sent Jesus as the full revelation of Himself, and his plan to heal the relationship between Himself and all humankind. Our salvation (and our peace with God) is wholly subject to the grace that only comes from Jesus’ substitution for us on the cross. 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 says this is of “first importance”, so it is important to understand how all Scripture points to this first importance.

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