Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Inspirational post to read...

I love Ken Davis for the incredibly funny man that he is.  I follow his blog because many times during the week he has me rolling on the floor of my office laughing (and the senior pastor next door wondering what on earth the youth pastor is up to).

But Ken's post today was especially inspirational... talking about his hero.  We have such a proud ANZAC heritage here in Australia and it's amazing to hear the story of the pacific war from a U.S perspective, and find it is not so different to what we hear from our Diggers.

But reading this story the thing that blows my mind is 'how amazing is God'! Even in a time of utter distress God is full of provision.  Some would say why didn't God prevent it all from happening, but I am sure Ken sees the way I do and thinks how great it was that God never leaves or forsakes us.

Have a read and complete your day.

My Hero - Ken Davis

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