Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Too close

Have a look at this video of a pigeon at the Monaco Grand Prix the other week.

That's not a brave bird, it's a stupid bird.  The silly thing didn't have a chance; it was in a dangerous place and, with the speed of a Formula 1 car, it did not get an opportunity to react to the impending danger.

A lot of Christians live their life like that pigeon. They have a faith, they communicate with God and let Jesus into their lives, but either during the week or when they are on their own (or maybe with non Christian friends) they put themselves out there in dangerous situations.  Maybe a relationship with someone who doesn't hold the same beliefs or morals as you... maybe a night club... maybe a party where others will be partaking in excessive alcohol or drugs... maybe a secluded spot with a computer that has access to unwholesome websites...

...whatever it is, many Christians use the excuse of being relevant to the world so they can go and live life close to what I am going to call 'the pagan edge' - people who don't have Gospel centered lives clearly live with pagan morals, no definitive truth and baselines set by their own personal views.  Christians live lives centred on the Gospel, not just in what we believe, but how we act.  By stepping out on the pagan edge Christians run the risk of being swept away.  Most times (like the dumb pigeon) the danger races in at such a pace there is no time to react and before we know it we are back flipping widely - or worse... embedded lifelessly in the front wing of a race car.

Why take the risk - why not just stand on the foundation of Jesus and let him lead you, don't step away towards the edge, because getting close usually means sinning and going way to far.

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