Friday, 9 August 2013

Is blogging more for me or you?

Hi reader.

I have had a tough week, with many things going on that have left thoughts playing in my mind and taking up much of my focus.  Many times I had thought to jump on here to vent, or share emotions or just to write out some of the thoughts in a hope that it would help clear out my mind.

Yet I began to wonder, is that the right thing to do? Writing has always helped me, and for many years this blog played a role almost as my diary.  Getting people's comments helped me process things so I welcomed communication.

As a pastor thought I am increasingly aware that this is a very public profile.  Many people comment in person on what they read here, and sometimes they convey an idea that a pastor should be careful the impression he gives to people.  Personally I haven't posted anything on here I am not happy for everyone to know - I don't want to be a robot programmed to gain people's affection, or programmed to act how people expect, because to be honest I am me, and am happy to be talked to about any of my ideas.

Over this past 12 months this blog has evolved, and is now a much more ministry focused place.  In that sense I feel the shift that the posts are now much more for the reader than they are for me.  I still get joy from writing, but this can no longer act as a diary of sorts.  That may mean blogs are less frequent, and more thought out instead of spontaneous thought processes, but hopefully they help you, the reader, to focus your faith and mission in this life IN CHRIST!

I'll just go back to the old hand written diary I can hide away in my desk draw :-)


Rodney Olsen said...

I think we all need to be careful in what we publish online. In the same way that we share more personal stuff and opinions with those closest to us, we need to keep our audience in mind when sharing thoughts to a wider audience.

I hope that you're still able to share stuff with those of us who want to hear about your journey.

Deano said...

yeah it's something that's been happening here for a while - this blog has really changed focus.

but this week i just had the urge to diary blog and realised that I'd moved on from that.

in some senses facebook can be a place to follow someones personal journey as well... but i admit i never spontaneous post a status - as facebook is much more public - so i have a rule that i always think about it before posting, and emotional stuff has a waiting period to allow myself to calm down and not splurge in my current emotions.

Deano said...

...also - this blog having been quite 'un-diaray like' for the last 12 months means that this post wasn't about some huge direction change the blog is taking... it will remain much the same as it has for the past 12 months. But when i am emotional i probably will refrain from posting.

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