Friday, 28 March 2014

I did it...

The lame man could walk. The leper was healed. The shriveled hand was restored. All were miracles accomplished by the power of God. But what if each individual had taken the credit instead?
The lame man bragged, "I used to be a cripple, but I did a lot of physical training and over time I strengthened my legs so they could move on their own."
"I use to be a leper," another said, "but I cleaned myself constantly and eventually the spots went away."
The man who had the shriveled hand said, "I used to have a deformed hand, but I stretched it and put lotion on it every day for years and it healed."
Sounds ludicrous, doesn't it? Yet so often we take credit for blessings that come to us from God. Pride tells others that we accomplished the miracles in our lives - whether a healing, a renewed relationship, or some other success - on our own, when the credit belongs to God.
~Francis Chan
Oh Lord please take away my pride and allow me to always give you the credit and glory you deserve.

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