Monday, 4 August 2014

Finding a place where you aren't the one in charge

As the first session of Oxygen Conference kicked off, and we were singing a few choruses I suddenly realised I felt very different to recent times at church.

Not that church has been bad (not at all) or that the music was bigger and better... but simply the fact I wasn't responsible for the running of what was going on, or responsible for others finding God.

The songs were simple, and not the most recent, but I really felt I connected with God in a real and personal way, because my main focus could be worshipping God alone. It seems a little strange to say that when I lead worship or am just attending my church as the pastor that I am not focusing on worshipping God alone. Because I do worship, but I don't think I even realised until today that even though I do worship, I am also geared by my ministry and calling to be thinking of others' experience as well.

But I see it now, and I don't resent my church for the role God has called me to, I certainly see its worth. But I saw today that there is also an importance to find a place to focus on God where you have no leadership responsibility.

Church members, I think its important you realise your pastors need this. I don't know how to do this as an ongoing thing, its a new thought today (and just the first of many to come from Oxygen day one), but I wonder if its a conversation that could br helpful for many people in ministry (both pastors and those with roles of leadership in the church).

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