Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Evening Sermon Series @ dBay Baptist.

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Psalms is virtually the Jewish hymnbook. We don’t know the tunes, but we assume that in the temple, synagogues and probably even the early church these Jewish songs were sung to praise God.   Yet as you read through the Psalms you find such an amazingly vast selection of topics, emotions, focuses, and questions.  This really shows us the far reaching impact faith should have on our lives, on how our worship is intertwined into every aspect of our daily lives.

guitarStarting on November 2nd and continuing for the rest of term 4 we are going to be looking at a selection of different Psalms in our evening services.  When people think of worship in the contemporary church many people automatically equate that to music.  From the Psalms we see that music was an important way of praising God for the Jews, and should be for us.  But their music reflected the wide range of issues that they could worship God through.  This series isn’t specifically about worship, but about how our faith must interact with every single aspect of our lives and how that intertwines with how we can worship Jesus for the amazing sacrifice He made for us.

Jesus died on the cross to bring us into a state of peace with God.  A relationship that was broken at the very beginning of creation was repaired because the debt we could never pay was paid by Jesus.  He substituted Himself for us, and stepped in to bear the wrath and punishment God had meant to push on us for breaking that relationship.  Jesus, being God Himself, was able to pay the price for everyone’s sin (that is the actions that break relationship with God) and, again because He is God, conquer death, rise again and be alive today for us to interact with and look forward to a similar resurrection into eternal life. cross111

That’s why we worship Jesus, because He is so worthy, and He did so much for us.  It is silly for us to think that just singing some songs on Sunday does justice to the worship Jesus is worthy of.  Join us in our evening services this term to take on a deeper reaching idea of worship.

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