Saturday, 28 February 2015

LIVE IT! - Evening Sermon Series

We've started a preaching series through the book of Galatians here at dBay Baptist in our 5.30pm Service.

Right from the outset, it's abundantly clear why the Apostle Paul has written this letter to the Galatian churches. He is quick to announce his absolute astonishment that they have so quickly turned to a different Gospel.

You see these churches which Paul himself had planted were being influenced by false teachers who were bringing confusion to that original, pure, Gospel that had saved them.  Paul’s call to the Galatians was to recognise the true Gospel, and to live it… not to be swayed by anything else.

Jesus’ love, His gracious actions on the cross and His salvation through faith defines the entirety of the 'good news' which saves us. Still today, we have to be so careful to realise that Jesus is the completeness of God’s revelation, that His salvation plan is perfect, and faith in Him and His Gospel is all we need to be saved. So many things can sway us. So many things are subtle, yet still so dangerous.

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