Tuesday, 19 May 2015

LIVE IT! - Week 9

Well I preached the final sermon in the LIVE IT series a few weeks back now - but the next day I went on leave... so this blog post has been postponed a little.

I loved how Paul finished up his book with some practical pointer on how this whole message of the Gospel can infiltrate every aspect of our lives.

  • If someone sins - that's not good, but it's not an opportunity to cut them down and kick them out... restore them gently.
  • Look at yourself first - don't let yourself be sucked into sin. Keep away from all the temptations and emotions that lead to sin.
  • Never hesitate to do good - the false teachers say you have to do things to earn salvation, but Paul says your salvation is free, so go do good things.
  • Out of everything... the only thing that really matters is this... you have a new life - so don't go back to the old one.

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