Friday, 31 July 2015

Actually being there...

In a world pretty much run by social media, real connections and friendship is still vital. Words on a screen cannot completely fulfil our need for interaction and intimacy.  I've been encouraged lately by people who have taken some serious time to invest in our friendships.  Some of that has come through text messages or Facebook messages, and some has come through spending time together, talking, having lunch or coffee or just sitting and hanging around each other for a while.

I really appreciate it when people act like they like me enough to spend time with me - there is a level of intimacy there that you simply cannot get from words on a screen. Actually being there (physically) adds so much more to the situation that just 'being there' for someone.

It's been a reminder to me to be encouraging in all that I do, but also to show that my time, and personal presence is also worth the effort for those I call friend.

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