Thursday, 12 November 2015

New ministry; new opportunities; steep learning curve!

I am just finishing my second week at Birkdale Baptist Church.  It's been great! It's also been tough, just in having to learn a new culture, adjust to different working conditions and methods and just being in a place where you're not 100% comfortable yet.

As I have been introduced to the different ministries of the church I have observed so many opportunities where I think I will be able to influence for the better.  However, at this stage I have to balance that with meshing myself with the culture of Birkdale (and Cannon Hill) so that I can implement things in the best way for the church, and not myself.

It's an interesting dynamic, because I am surrounded day in and out by new opportunities, but I may not quite understand their full effect yet because I don't really know the church.  So it feels I have a massive amount to learn, and need to be careful about where I actually dip my toe before I dive in.

But they are a great bunch of people.  My induction service last Sunday was a little quirky but a lot of fun - and I am looking forward to really letting God use me as I gain some influence here with time.

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