Friday, 18 December 2015

The Epic Arrival

Last week we ran an interactive lights display at Cannon Hill Baptist Church called "The Epic Arrival".  Hundreds of people from the local community walked through our church, into rooms that highlighted the chaos of commercial Christmas... then through a wardrobe into snow filled Narnia... and onto a warm cosy lounge room with the origin story of St Nicholas.

From there you entered a dark room which started us thinking, through a video, that there must be more to this story, that someone was coming to change everything... and then you walked out into this live stable, with goats and chickens and a large stable.  A shepherd quietly told you to enter the stable softly due to baby Jesus just being born... and there lying in a manger was He... the Epic Arrival has happened.

You exit a stable and enter a room telling you why Christmas was so important, because that baby grew, and He died, to save us all. The walls were covered in testimonies of people who have had their lives changed because of the Epic Arrival!  The final room was a reflection and prayer room, where many wrote up prayers and attached them to string for all to see.

Overall it was a very powerful experience.  We've now moved it all over to Birkdale Baptist and it will run alongside our carols events this Saturday and Sunday... come along and check it out!

Cannon Hill Baptist, lit up bright

The sign and 7m Christmas tree inviting people in

Mum and Dad about to enter through the wardrobe


Someone is coming to make things right

Born among the animals

The gift of the cross

The reflection and prayer room

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