Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Good resource - The Purple Book

I am currently trying to develop a strategy of taking our new converts and giving them the best possible chance to be discipled into mature believers in Christ.  We celebrate our new converts, but sometimes I wonder a few weeks later if we've been investing in them properly.  I think at the moment it all comes down to where they land within the social construct of the church; if they fall in with a strong group of believers they grow and stay; if not we tend to slowly see them disconnect.

I want to be much more strategic about how we engage new believers, and journey with them along the path of discipleship.

I've been looking at Rice Broocks & Steve Murrell's "The Purple Book" recently.  It's a comprehensive group of studies and questions which really outline a lot of the Christian faith, and reasons for belief and disciplines within the church.   As a pastor looking in, it looks good, I'm not sure how it practically works out because I haven't led anyone through it, and don't really know anyone who has led anyone through it (I would love to hear from someone who has been using it).

On the whole though it looks like a great resource to at least base a discipleship strategy off, if not use it to run people through.  It would take a long time to run through all the studies... but discipleship isn't a quick 6 week course is it? It's a life-long journey, and if we can pair new believers up with mature believers for a life long journey then we're really giving them the best shot aren't we.

My other thought was maybe coming up with a team of "Purple People" who could be brought along new converts, then once they have finished the studies maybe have a 'passing on' to say a small group or other mentoring kind of program - so though they don't journey life-long with someone, we are still ensuring they will have someone to continue, before becoming a mentor themselves.

That's a long-term vision though... just wanting to see something start off soon at the moment.

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