Monday, 17 September 2007

God Talked To Me...

As the track chaplains for Willowbank Raceway, Dad and I were able to chat to Phil Lamattina yesterday after his amazing survival of that insane Top Fuel accident on Saturday night.

(Full Story of the crash here)

I wasn't at the track Saturday night, and missed witnessing the accident where Phil's Top Fuel drag car split in half doing over 500km/h, flinging the compartment with him still in it 10m into the air before crashing back down, bursting into flames and sliding 50m upside down.

I was pretty amazed however at how calm, jovial and care free the whole Lamattina team were on Sunday when they turned up just to sit back relax and watch the day's racing.

Phil said to Dad though; "When I was up in the air I think I heard God talking to me... he said "It's not your time yet" and even as I crashed to the ground, and don't remember much else, I kind of knew I was going to be alright."

Phil walked away from the accident.

Reviewing the footage of the accident - it's amazing Phil is alive, yet alone walking away from the wrecked drag car. Phil even says he didn't understand how serious it was until he saw the footage, it was then he realised how lucky he was.

We met the Lamattina team the first drag meet we were chaplains at, and have been building a good relationship with the guys (particularly the 3 Lamattina brothers running, and driving for the team). Hopefully we can continue to do this in the aftermath of this event, and it can be used for God's glory.

<Still photo from the video footage of the accident. Phil is in the larger ball of flame just about to hit the ground. Amazing stuff!

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