Friday, 7 September 2007

Not-so-Sunshine Coast.

It seems Thursdays have been my day to get out of the office. Yesterday I headed up the Sunshine Coast for a couple of printer swaps and helping out the Maroochydore Travel office.

Now it’s been raining in Brisbane and Ipswich, but nothing like what I experienced up the coast yesterday. I believe if this rain had been over the Wivenhoe and Summerset Dams we’d have headlines this morning like “Drought Breaks Finally” or “Dams Full”, because they would have had well over 100mm just in the time I was there.

Roads were washed out, and I saw the Maroochydore River just breaching its banks for the second time in 3 weeks.

It’s such a shame that most of that water will have no effect on the drought for farmers, or filling dams for Brisbane and the West.

It was a slightly strange experience though, I haven’t dealt with rain like that for a long long time, and driving through it was pretty tiring. I don’t mind walking in the rain these days, it’s a welcome change, but yesterday’s rain on the coast was so cold, and it was heavy enough that you were pretty well soaked by the time you walked from the car to the office.

I’m praying that today that rain will push a little more west and hit the dam catchments! Even better if it heads further west and soaks the Qld farming regions!

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