Thursday, 2 September 2010

Christ's Parallel to Passover

Quote from John Stott, "The Cross of Christ" (p166)

"The message must have been absolutely clear to the Israelites; it is equally clear to us who see the fulfilment of the Passover in the sacrifice of Christ.  First, the Judge and the Saviour are the same person.  It was God who 'passed through' Egypt to judge the firstborn, who ;passed over' the Israelite homes to protect them.  We must never characterize the Father as Judge and the Son as Saviour.  It is one and the same God who through Christ saves us from himself. Secondly, salvation was (and is) by substitution.  The only firstborn males who were spared were those in whose families a firstborn lamb had died instead.  Thirdly, the lamb's blood had to be sprinkled after it had been shed.  The had to be an individual appropriation of the divine provision.  God had to 'see the blood' before he would save the family. Fourthly, each family rescued by God was thereby purchased for God. Their whole life now belonged to him. So does ours. And consecration leads to celebration.  The life of the redeemed is a feast, ritually expressed in the Eucharist, the Christian festival of thanksgiving..."

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