Monday, 6 September 2010

Preached it up.

My first sermon at City North Baptist went well last night.  I'm no Mark Driscoll, but I felt that God used it so I can't ask for more than that.

The title of the sermon was "Our Mountaintop View of God's Love" and the passage was Romans 8:31-39.   The main truth was that "We are Safe in God" and I looked at 3 times when we are safe in God.

- In Condemnation
- In Suffering
- In any Situation.

The overwhelming idea is that because Jesus has paid the ultimate price for our sin, and we won't or don't have to suffer for them then nothing will separate us from God's love and hence we are always safe in God.

It was an encouraging passage, and for believers an encouraging message (I hope) - and I also pray that it was challenging for anyone who doesn't have a faith in Jesus and allowed them to see that though God doesn't promise us we won't suffer, he does promise he will never leave us and always love us.... but God is only for us if we have faith in his Son.

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