Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bathurst 2011 Day 1

The V8s are hitting the track in Bathurst, and I am still in Brisbane.  Things didn't pan out the way I planned this year.  Dad is in Bathurst with his caravan set up in the pits at Mt Panorama.  I would have loved to have been there with him, but being in my last 4 weeks of my Masters Degree I couldn't really get away.

However I have managed to keep up with everything going on at the track, I've even found a website that live streams the Race Control radio frequency - which is a novel way to keep tabs on what's happening.

The big talking point this week is weather... it looks like it will be wet for the entire event.  This has put huge pressure on Dunlop and their supply of wet-weather tyres.  It will make for some interesting test, qualifying and race sessions I am sure.

Many teams are running alternate liveries for the weekend, some for special promotions of their sponsor's product, others for special team, driver or sponsor milestones.  All-in-all it makes a very fresh looking field.

And James Moffat may now have the best looking car on the grid!!

Today saw three practice sessions, with the third one cancelled due to fog on top of the mountain.  The first two sessions were dominated by Fords, which is great to see - hopefully they can keep that up all weekend.

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