Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bathurst 2011 Day 3

Exciting day at the Mountain today.

For the V8s it was all about the Top Ten shootout, leading up to that though were a few support races that were pretty intense.

For the shootout though all eyes were on Will Davidson as he headed out first, being elevated from 11th to 10th due to a penalty being handed to Lee Holdsworth yesterday.  Will posted a really quick time that was unbeaten until Greg Murphy came out fourth last.  As Jamie Whincup warmed up for his lap the rain fell and that was it.  He, Mark Winterbottom and Garth Tander had no hope of posting a fast lap as the track got wet.  So the surprise of the day was seeing Murph get pole... the disappointment was seeing Frosty unable to post a time and end up 10th... and the joy of the day was seeing Will come through to end up on the front row in second spot.

So Mark Winterbottom and Steve Richards will start from 10th, but it's a long race and they are still my pick for the victory tomorrow.

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