Friday, 25 May 2012

Welcome to 'Working on the Mission'

Well the relaunch of this blog is a complete transformation, both in style, title and focus.  Gone is the old 'My Jarrol Spot' which was a blog I've written for the past seven years.  It was mostly a personal blog which gave friends and family from all over the world a chance to keep up with what I was doing.  That kind of blog is pretty much made redundant these days by social media like Facebook.

With that in mind I was searching for a viable reason to continue contributing to a blog.  I have found it quite worthwhile these past seven years, yet needed a distinct focus to keep my motivation up.  At the beginning of this year I graduated my Masters of Divinity from Malyon College in Brisbane and began a call at dBay Baptist Church as their Associate Pastor: Youth and Young Adults.  I can see this blog being an additional tool to my ministry, providing a place where people can go deeper into the discussion of the church and faith ideas.   Practically working full time for the Gospel has highlighted to me the constant encouragement, challenge and prompting people need to work on the mission Jesus gave his church.

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus says "I will build my church..." and he continues to do so today, however Jesus also gave his church a mission, to go into all the word making disciples. This blog's major focus is how we can together stand on Jesus' promise - that he will build his church - and also how we can better work on the mission he gave us.

If you look back through the last seven years of posts you will see that this was somewhat a focus of my old blog, as I have always had a passion for taking the Gospel into all the world.  In 2004 I spent 5 months working for WEC in The Gambia as a missionary. I have seen first hand what the untouched ends of the earth looks like, and I am passionate about sending more people there to preach God's Word.

So please join me as we together work on the mission of the church, and share ideas on what we can be doing better.

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