Monday, 22 October 2012

Holidays - actually having a break.

Well I'm back from just over 2 weeks off work, and have enjoyed stopping for a period of time.  This is my first break since beginning as Youth Pastor at Deception Bay Baptist in February and the thing I noticed most was how much my mind needed a break.

People think Pastors just sit in their office, write sermons, drink coffee, counsel people and plan events.  But there is so much more than that. I realised over my holidays that while I am working I am constantly thinking about 'church things'.  I mean all the time, every part of the day and night, even on my days off.  My mind constantly works through conversations I've had, or need to have, devotions that will be done, sermon ideas, or just random things and how they could be used as illustrations for devotions or sermons.

On my first day of holidays I realised I had nothing to do for the next two weeks, and my mind relaxed - I didn't start considering things coming up in a few weeks time, I didn't see some amazing thing of nature and immediately start thinking how I could use that to share the Gospel with someone.  My mind had a break, and I was able to see these things and think about their affect on me personally.

I now have a much greater appreciation of how my mind has been working as I work as a pastor.  I will be more conscious to give myself a break, but if you are not a pastor, then spare a thought for your pastor and understand the stress the calling puts on every aspect of their life - even recognition of this helps I think.

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