Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The inherent attraction of living like a Christian

I had a dream the other night.  In this dream I was on holiday with a whole heap of people I have known over the years, right back to high school.  These friends are all non-Christian people, and we were staying in a high rise apartment together, the way the dream worked was that the negative sides of people's attitudes were hyper intensified.  One friend I remembered being a little grumpy, was a complete anger-infused depressant, one who was a bit of a womaniser was an absolute jerk, one whom I remember had a temper and was a bit of a bully had become a completely violent psychopath in my dream. I was just normal me - no super powers or extra suave or anything exciting really.

In the dream there was lots of interaction with hotel staff, and what the dream showed me in an incredibly vivid way was the general response to a life that is committed to serving Jesus and upholding his moral standard.  I didn't preach in the dream (in many dreams I do...), but the hotel staff naturally gravitated their time and energy to me.  I befriended many of them (while enjoying my holiday with my friends and staying completely engaged with them as well), and I woke from the dream feeling a real sense of understanding the simple witness we have as living lives worthy of the Gospel.

I don't weigh too heavy on the 'meanings' of my dreams (last night I dreamt about an end of the world disaster and we were just trying to stay alive for another hour), but this 'holiday' dream left me feeling very secure in the grace of Jesus, and reminded me of the simple truth of living well.

How have you gone today on following Jesus in your actions.  Everyday life should still be seen as service to Christ, because when you do you'll find people are inherently attracted to your way of life.

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