Monday, 4 March 2013

Coffee and Christianity

It's no secret that I love coffee.  Not the caffeine kick, or the stimulant side of it.  But the flavour, the experience and the skill that comes from learning how to make a good coffee - and the skill it takes to roast the beans and create individual blends which enhance certain flavours.

It is the intrinsic and caring detail put in that makes me enjoy the experience of visiting good coffee roastries and cafes.

Most people think of coffee as a tool to help them get started... make them feel better... push them through something they are not enjoying.  Not for me, I see coffee as a personal and artistic expression.

Some people come at Christianity the same way as most do coffee.  They want it to push them on, make them feel better... in a sense it's a tool to assist them in life, and if it's not helping their life, or they are doing ok on their own then they pretty much ignore it or just go through the motions.

I think we all need to look at Christianity the way I look at coffee... look for the intrinsic and specific details which impact your experience of life.  Look for the expression of God's love through Jesus and see how that can become something which you are passionate about.

When you start reading the Bible with that intention... it becomes obvious that God himself has put in that intrinsic and caring detail.  The cohesion of all Scripture is incredible, the theme of God's Gospel is woven in a way only the Creator could. It is very easy to become passionate about the Word when you are seeing those things.

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