Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Cross of Christ @ Easter (Part 2)

Why did Jesus Die?:

"It is essential to keep together these two complementary ways of looking at the cross.  On the human level, Judas gave him up to the priests, who gave him up to Pilate, who gave him up to the soldiers, who crucified him. But on the divine level, the Father gave him up, and he gave himself up, to die for us.  As we face the cross, then, we can say to ourselves both 'I did it, my sins sent him there' and 'he did it, his love took him there'."
John Stott; The Cross of Christ, p74

It is obvious that Jesus died for our sake not his.  Though we later read in Philippians 2 that because of his sacrifice he was exalted and glorified, that was not his purpose in dying (i.e he did not choose to suffer because he knew it would earn him glory).

"...he believed that through it [his death] he would secure for us a good which could be secured in no other way.  The Good Shepherd, he said, was going to lay down his life 'for the sheep', for their benefit... The beneficial purpose of his death focuses down on our reconciliation... The salvation he died to win for us is variously portrayed. At times it is conceived negatively as redemption, forgiveness or deliverance. At other times it is positive - new or eternal life, or peace with God in the enjoyment of his favour and fellowship... The important point is that it is in consequence of his death that he is able to confer upon us the great blessing of salvation."
John Stott; The Cross of Christ, p75-76

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