Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tweet of the Week

Everything great begins with a tiny, fragile seed. Every seed takes time. Plant well. Stay faithful. This is the way of God.

Patience is a thing I keep learning time and time again as I continue the work of pastor. I look up to Louie and his ministry greatly, the Scriptural focus (even a midst the flood of popular music and that pressure) is core to everything he does. "Dropping people at the feet of Jesus" is one of his little points, it's not about people following Louie, or Chris Tomlin, or Kristian Stansfield... The Passion Church wants to drop people at the feet of Jesus... and let Jesus be their inspiration, teacher, corrector and everything.

But that huge movement started as a seed.  But a seed with good intentions. I want to make sure I am planting seeds of Gospel intentions too.  I think more churches need to consider this before starting new things, or even ending older things.

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