Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Challenged to be more

The Machine Gun Preacher was on TV last night.  Up until now I haven't seen this film, but I sat transfixed last night, shocked and moved once again by the atrocities of the LRA and Joseph Kony in North Uganda and Southern Sudan.

Ever since Watoto began their ministry to former child soldiers in Gulu (North Uganda) I have felt God putting a real concern and compassion on my heart for these kids.  I cannot fathom the evil of abducting a child, torturing them, then putting a gun in their young arms and forcing them to torture, rape and kill others.  It is an atrocity too much for my mind to process and I literally hurt when those thoughts enter my mind.

The story of Sam Childers moved me - I am not sure I can align myself completely with the way he does things, and today I've done a little more reading on the real man, and not the Hollywood version.  I really do wonder if God has some sort of ministry to child soldiers in my future - if so I hope I am brave enough to do it, it is a very scary part of the world.

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