Thursday, 3 July 2014

Term 3 - Evening Sermon Series

Starting on July 20 at dBay Baptist we're going to be taking a journey through the Gospel of Luke in our evening services and take a look at the interaction Jesus had with different people, and the profound impact He had on their lives.  We know the story of what Jesus did for the world on the cross.  We know the Gospel, that Jesus came to make right through His righteousness what we broke through our sin.

But what does that mean to us personally?  If we have a means to be saved, and if we accept that, then do we just live out our lives knowing about what Jesus did and thinking about heaven?  What element of relationship can there be with someone we don’t see physically walking with us?  What does Jesus do for us in our everyday lives?

In Luke we see meeting Jesus changed so many people’s lives, and meeting Jesus will change your life today!

Throughout the series we are also going to hear testimonies from people in our congregation about how Jesus has changed their life.

Series Dates

  • July 20th:         Luke 5:1-11 – Peter and the Disciples, changed to make a difference.
  • July 27th:         CAFE CHURCH
  • August 3rd:      Luke 6:6-11 – The Man with the Withered Hand, changed to do good.
  • August 17th:    Luke 7:36-50 – The Sinful Woman, changed to be free.
  • August 24th:    Luke 8:40-56 – The Dead Girl and Sick Woman, changed to stand in faith.
  • August 31st:    Luke 17:11-19 – The Ten Lepers, changed to offer praise and worship.
  • September 7th: Luke 19:1-10 – Zacchaeus, changed to make a big impact.
  • September 14th: Luke 23:26-48 – The Roman Soldier, changed into a new life.

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