Monday, 9 March 2015

LIVE IT! - Week 2

Have a read of Galatians 1:11-2:10

I love that Paul maps out his journey of conversion and revelation for us.  I mean he does it in this instance to stamp down the authority he's been given by Jesus Christ himself to proclaim the true Gospel to the nations - if you've been around for the sermons on Sunday night you'll know he's doing this because there are false teachers in the church in Galatia attacking the validity of Paul's Gospel message.

But even with the Biblical setting aside I find great encouragement in reading Paul's account of his journey from slavery to freedom.

If you are a Christian you too have a story of slavery to freedom.  Can you tell it to others to encourage them that this Gospel you're living by is true!?

Our stories are important, and not just the things that happened to lead you to belief, but the change that was made by God in your life.

To quote Graham Sercombe from the Focus Camp I went on the other week;
Many of you have had an emotional connection to the good news of Jesus, many of you have emotionally loved Him and loved His love... but for some you have never experienced the change that God brings. We all need that change
We do all need that change, and that is what we tell others about when we talk about this amazing Gospel of Jesus Christ, because the change in our lives can drive others to search out a change in theirs.

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