Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Powerful Prodigal Portrayal.

Shared this video with the youth group last Friday night.  It was our 'Insight Night', where we try to grab a clearer picture of the world around us and what the Bible has to do with that. We looked at God's impeccable memory, and the fact every aspect of our lives sits in the mind of our God who remembers everything. That's a daunting thought isn't it! But that brought us to the story of the prodigal son, who so brazenly defied his father and squandered the love shown to him.  However in that moment of repentance the father didn't pull out a list of errors and crimes, he simply welcomed back and forgave.

This video portrays that so well, but goes even further... it shows the cost of that love in a heartbreaking way.

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