Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Many of us are quite comfortable with the notion of Jesus being our Saviour. The idea of Him coming and saving us from our sins is welcome. However, how do we feel about Jesus being our King? Him being the ruler, who’s will is followed… what He says goes!

Many of us want a saviour, yet still want to run our own lives our own way. That’s how the people of Israel were feeling at the beginning of 1 Samuel. They had been rescued many times by God, and the Judges had lead the people well, all the while with God as their King. But the people wanted an earthly king like all the other nations – they wanted to fit in, they felt they were worse off because they weren't running their lives like everyone else.

It was not how God planned it, but He allowed them to do it – in our evening services we’ll take a look over 5 weeks at how the different roles of King seen in 1 Samuel can teach us about ensuring that Jesus is the King in our lives.

Also as part of the series we want to see people from the church posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (ect) using the hashtag #God2BKing – during the week if you find something, do something or see something that exemplifies the idea of God being the King then post about it – and use the hashtag – each week we’ll include some of those social media inputs in the service.

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