Monday, 8 June 2015

The importance of preaching

If flood waters were to sweep away a rich man in his BMW SUV and a homeless man pushing all his belongings in a shopping cart… suddenly they both need the exact same thing don’t they… they need to be pulled from the water and saved. The rich man isn't worried about his heated leather seats… latest smart phone or expensive suit – they’re all ruined, but he only cares about seeing that SES boat coming towards him with a life jacket and a way back to dry land… just as much as the homeless man is only waiting for the same thing.
Have been organising some of my old sermon notes today - this was a tiny excerpt from one of them.  I am reminded again the purpose for which I spend 8-10 hours a week preparing a 30 minute sermon. At times I know my sermon can be like that SES boat going out to rescue someone. It brings the means for salvation.  Every sermon I preach contains the Gospel... the good news that Jesus is here to save us, He's already done all we need and it's our response to Him that saves us.

I'm not big noting myself here, but realising once again the weight of what I do.  If I was doing it in my own strength I'd be running that boat into a tree... I just want to depend on God more, because it is only by the power of His Word that this life saving message is preached to the rich and poor alike.

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