Monday, 31 August 2015

Judging Success...

I struggle with judging success when it comes to my ministries... what measurements do I use? Is it purely a numbers game, or are numbers not important at all?  I would love to measure it by a depth of spirituality, but how does one quantify that, especially when it seems some people may be going deeper in their faith only to then turn around and walk away all together?

I do think numbers play some role.  Even just last night at church, nearly everyone involved with the young adults ministry was there - the numbers brought a greater feeling of belonging and purpose, just because the room was filled, and I wasn't left wondering where different people had gotten to, and if there were issues keeping people away I was going to have to work through.  Growing numbers is also a good sign, especially if it is coming through those already there inviting and bringing along new people - I think that points to the depth of the group as well, that they are receiving from whatever ministry it is, seeing its worth, and sharing it with others.

But when that's not happening, is it my failure, or is it a hardness in the group, or is it some other element outside the scheme of control?  That's where I struggle to judge where things are going right or wrong.

It's hard to set Key Performance Indicators on such a organic community, which is hopefully being designed to follow the Holy Spirit - and not so much set goals defined by the group leader.  It's also hard to set KPIs when they would be dependent on the individual relationship people are having with God - I can teach and encourage, but that is ultimately up to them to maintain.

It's not a new problem I know, but I am wondering if anyone out there has some tangible measurements they use, or ideas for implementing things with ways to reflect on the success or failure of the workings.

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