Sunday, 3 January 2016

From Victim to Victor!

I hadn't thought about it in that way before.  Louie Giglio kicked off the 2016 Passion Conference by speaking about those amazing words "He is Risen" that were spoken by the angel sitting on the stone after it had been rolled away from the tomb entrance.

Louie's right, not long after this Jesus turned up in a locked room to show himself to the disciples... a locked room - he basically came through the wall - so he didn't need to sit there and wait for someone to roll the stone out of the way so he could leave the tomb hey!

But God had huge plans for His followers, and those plans start with the substitution of His Son on the cross for us, but lurch forward with the victory of the resurrection.  Jesus was a victim of death, but then he became the victor over death.  The same goes for us, we were once a victim of sin, but at some point something fundamentally changes and we become victors over sin because of Jesus. And so God had the stone rolled away so we could come and see what He had done, we could see a victory, become part of that victory.

I often blame my humanness for my constant sin, and though my humanness does continually cause me to sin, I get to the point of using it as a crutch, almost an excuse to sin... that is not right!  I am a victor, not a victim!  We have been let in and we need to live fundamentally changed lives that represent that!

I praise God for His Word, and for people like Louie Giglio and conferences like Passion which bring to me completely new revelations of the Gospel!

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