Friday, 1 January 2016

In the 'new' beginning...

Welcome to 2016.  A new year brings the opportunity for a new beginning and a refocusing of mindset.  I must admit I lost my way a little in 2015. It was a year of change,; a year of trials and difficulties that forced some significant life changes for me.  During that time I kind of retreated into myself, shut myself down (both socially and spiritually) and became very self-centred and hardhearted.

Over the last month or so I'd been feeling I was slowly reemerging, that God was doing His best to break through, and that though in some ways my humanness was trying to hold out, it couldn't possible resist the love and grace God was constantly showing me.

Christmas is a hugely busy time for a pastor, but once carols, and lights and the 'events' were over I had a week where I could reflect on the what Jesus did, what love this celebration was forged in, and I found myself really connecting again with what Jesus did for me, and what He's called me to do for Him.

So more than ever, New Years Day feels like a new beginning this year. I'm committing to a Bible Reading plan - something I have never really liked, but I feel I need the discipline - I'm using it as a 'fast-paced' reading technique which I hope will encourage my 'slow-paced' reading which really fell away last year.  It's a chronological plan so obviously today's reading was Genesis 1-3, I was centered again on how God speaks and things happen.  My prayer is He speaks into my life this year so that things happen.

For others considering how to embrace a new beginning this year I found this article from Desiring God really helpful.

Advice for Another Year of Bible Reading

Happy New Year everyone...

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