Monday, 22 February 2016

In it to End It 2016

 I have been supporting The End It Movement for years now, and it has been amazing to see the work that has been done to end slavery in our generation.

The power of awareness is amazing, because awareness brings advocating, and advocating really does bring change.  This year a bill is being put to the U.S congress to set 11 million dollars towards a global disbandment of human trafficking... and that bill has been created because senators became aware of millions of students advocating the End It Movement's "Shine a Light on Slavery Day".  That's incredible!

This year's Shine a Light On Slavery Day is Feb 25th. So go and check out to see all the latest figures on slavery world-wide, get informed, and then on the 25th draw a red X on your hand. During the day if people ask you about it you can tell them that you are in it to end it when it comes to slavery.

END IT is a Coalition of the leading organizations in the world in the fight for FREEDOM. Each of our amazing Coalition Partners are doing the work, on the ground, everyday, to bring AWARENESS, PREVENTION, RESCUE, and RESTORATION.
[End It Movement Website

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