Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Working on the Mission to see people Worship Jesus

Francis Chan is one of the biggest influences on how I do ministry.  His raw faith and humble outpouring of what God is saying in his heart radically illustrates to me how bland I allow my vision and life to be at times. I find it easy to fall into this default mode of just going with the flow... and within the consumeristic culture we have today the persistence of a desire to be entertained constantly threatens to invade the church.  Being comfortable, being happy and having it easy are excused by 'being joyful', 'praising', and 'offering our best'... but if offering our best means spending millions on buildings and sound equipment that only those in the church will experience then it is an excuse, not a truth.

I need to be constantly reminded that while on earth our objective is mission, because there are people out there who don't worship Jesus - and we were all created to worship Jesus! If there are people not doing that, then the greatest form of our worship is to go and show others what they have been created to do.

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