Thursday, 16 November 2006

Another Drum Video ~ Newsboys

Check out this clip of a Newsboys concert. Maybe not the most fab drum solo, but the idea is pretty unique.

drum solo

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Rach D said...

Heya Deano - i found your myspace but thought I'd better check out the real deal here. Great to see the Make Poverty History Banner!!! R u heading out to Southbank fri nite for the G20 summit concert beamed in via satellite?? Heres more details if you dont already know em!!

The Web Design Resource

I'm hoping to swing in after seeing my brother off to his school formal. Hope you're powerin on....God bless, Rach Devine.

Rach D said...

whoops - wrong link.... lol

The Web Design Resource

This better be rite or i'll be feeling very blonde.

Rach D said...

yup - very blonde. just go to

shoulda just done that in the first place. but at least now you have *HEAPS* of comments. :P

Jarrol said...

Friday is always youth group commitments at the moment i'm sorry

Anonymous said...

try blink182 (travis barker) and slipknot (joey jordison) for starters. This has been done many times before ^_^

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